ActionFPS participation conduct

These conditions apply to the ActionFPS environment only: Discord, the portal, the servers (both Inter and Ladder).

Malice with intent will not be tolerated. Therefore, ActionFPS participants will not:

# Action Penalty
1 Change names to prevent loss of points. 1 week.
2 Bully, harass, slander, discriminate, threaten, intimidate, abuse. 2 weeks.
3 Expose our users to politics, racism, religion, sex, drugs, abuse, profanities and hatred. 1 week.
4 Use names of real people as their nicknames.
5 Join an Inter match mid-game/other obstruction. 2 weeks.
6 Leave a losing game prematurely. 2 weeks.
7 Use cheats or exploits. 2 weeks for new players.
10 weeks otherwise.
8 Spam. Variable.
9 Create drama in public. If help is needed, talk to an admin.
10 Impersonate. 6 weeks.

If you find somebody breaking the rules unintentionally, please refer them to this page first. If you find users breaking the rules intentionally, please report the issue to Penalty will be applied if it's established it's intentional.

Repeated offenses will attract stronger penalties.